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“Crude and Adolescent” – Addressing Donald Trump’s comments

Originally I was just gonna Facebook this, but it felt like something bigger than that. So it seemed only fitting to dust off the ol’ WordPress (my apologies for being away for so long, by the way), write this up, and have at it. Sorry in advance to those I’ll undoubtedly offend; I still love you and you’re still welcome to visit and have some cheesecake with us anytime.

That said, here we go.

Having worked in the industry I’ve worked in for the last 15 years, I’ve been able to work with people from all walks of life, if every religious and racial background. Most that I’ve worked with were unbelievers, and as nice and hard-working as many of them have been, I wonder if a lot of people who are “now” condemning Trump have any idea the conversations their husbands (or wives), kids, parents, or friends have amongst friends at work?

First and foremost, was it a crude and adolescent thing to say? ABSOLUTELY, and there’s no defending that. But to all of a sudden have an unbelieving world stand up and say “We can’t support this man” while they do the SAME EXACT THINGS day in and day out — just not recorded on tape — is the height of hypocrisy.

You, American citizen, while you sit and watch (and tweet about and “Facebook-fawn” over) your TV shows and movies that glorify such “conquest” themes, the affairs, the “innocent eye candy”;

You, American man, while you banter with your buddies about every woman you see throughout each day, objectifying them and joking about all manner of things you’d kill another guy for saying about your wife or daughter;

You, American woman, while you giggle with your girlfriends about that guy at your spin class or that guy in your office, making comments just as offensive as Trump’s (just from the opposite direction);

You, American “progressive”, while you’ve sat for decades now dismissing everything that Hillary (and Bill) have ever said and done in their personal lives and “behind closed doors” as “having nothing to do with the job” of running a country….

YOU have no ground to stand on in condemning his words, because to do so, you’d have to equally condemn YOURSELVES for having said or done the same things!

You think we don’t notice when you sit at the park in your book groups going on and on about the last chapter of “50 Shades” you read? You think we don’t notice when you turn up the volume for the commercials for the newest “who’s sleeping with whom” pseudodrama? You think we don’t notice when in daily life we see these women ogling and giggling over these guys and those guys catcalling and fist-bumping over those girls?

I mean, are you serious right now?

Listen, the unbelieving world is a self-gratifying one, and “the Donald” is not exempt from that. Living as a rich and powerful guy is going to attract all sorts of very “basic” attention, and I dare say that the vast majority of us, given those resources and attention, would destroy ourselves and those we love chasing all manner of frivolity. However, do Hillary supporters (who still love Bill to death, btw) really want to stand on the trap door of “a crude guy who has lusted over women” and pull this particular lever? What does that say about how desperate they’ve become over “not being ahead by 50 points”?

Is this the election where — finally — the hypocrisy and irony culminates in one gargantuan self-destruction that effectively eliminates both candidates? The “hold your nose” factor has been there for months on both sides, but seriously, if we’re gonna make a decision about who best to lead this nation at this time, we have to cut through the crap, assess the actual policy stances (since policy stances are pretty much all a chief executive contributes to government), compare them with our own values, and MAKE YOUR VOTE.

As people, they both suck; as leaders, they’re both quite different. Who will lead in the direction you want the country to go? An “apologetic tour 2.0” where everything is acceptable and there is no defined enemy? A return to American strength where we still do good in the world but finally look after Americans first?

We’ll find out soon enough. If you’re weak-kneed, you might wanna get your passports ready.

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